So here it is- the long overdue return of the ANONYMOUS COLLECTIV. A totally self-indulgent idea that was born back in 2001 and saw two subsequent incarnations.

Thank you for visiting my little self-indulgent space on the internet. This site had its start as an online sketchbook back in October 2003 and quickly turned into an almost daily photoblog. Sometimes the pictures were accompanied by words relating to the image or random thoughts from my mind. They were by no means my BEST pictures (or my best thoughts for that matter!). Rather like a digital lobotomy, a siphoning from mind to web, a steady stream of consciousness and more often than not, unconsciousness (depending on the level of gin consumption) “I would rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy“- I can’t remember who said that, probably Voltaire.

Likes and loves. Loathes and “love to loathes”. Hates. Passions. Desires and inspirations. Favorites. Emotive nonsense. Collective randomness. Anonymous collectiv…….

I take photos. I am an antique dealer. Furniture restorer. Painter. I take something old and clapped out and reinvent it. I make things with my hands.

My partner in crime, my partner in life and work- my Jamie, we are rather inseparable. We have two french bulldogs, Chica (from Barcelona) and Pushka (from Moscow) it’s a continental household! We live in a small house in West London.


Shades of grey, particularly Downpipe.
Georgian London terraces.
Leonard Cohen.
Laksa soup.
Spoken word- beat poetry.
Kerouac Ginsberg.
“Domestic cleaning product” packaging.
In fact, packaging in general- particularly Firework, tinned fish and hardware.
Lower Manhattan in the snow.
Eric Ravellious.
Vintage tangerine Porsche Targas.
Fog and thunderstorms.
Sheep and Cows.
Rust, peeling paintwork, decay and Mould.
Peter Blake, Francis Bacon and Ben Nicholson.
The sea, beautiful bridges, industrial landscapes.
The smell of rain through an open window when you are in bed.
French Bulldogs
Darkness (daylight is so over rated)
Cakes and the art of baking (food porn)
Awkward complicated people.
Oscar Wilde.
The smell of pipe tobacco.
The nostalgia of 50’s Britain.
Dark Dark humour.
Yellow hair.
Cemeteries and the celebration of death.
PJ Harvey.
Berlin- Bauhaus- Modernist architecture.
The Bloomsbury group- Charleston House.
Sulphurous Yellow.
Adam and Joe.
Fairground art.
A very good curry.
Joe Orton.
Paris in the Spring
Tate Britain.
Dungeness and dear Derek J.
Gin and tonic.
My Jamie.



Royal blue, ‘babysick’ beige and Barbie pink.
The sound of metallic objects rubbing together especially if they are icy. *shudder*
Overtly male, pompous arrogant men- The male of the species- sometimes I despair!
Oppressive religion. Intolerance.
Soap operas and cheap television.
The word- HARMLESS.
The over use of the word- DONE. eg It was ‘done’ in the oven. It’s all hand ‘done’.
Unitards- Sportswear!
Essex. Middle England. Milton Keynes. Staines. (I have been and really didn’t like them!)
Unimaginative people.
Stupid people.
Ugg Boots.
Shopping centers. Indoor shopping emporiums.
Injections. Gas masks and rubber hosing. Ewwwww.
Humour where one person winds up another. I believe its called “Banter”- pointless!
Runny egg whites.
Taxi Drivers.
Computer games.
Feature wall wallpaper.
Un-opinionated people.
Too much Sunlight.
Chav culture.
Oasis- Blur- Elbow- Coldplay- Snow patrol- Isnt it the same thing?
Little Britain. Gavin and Stacey. YAWN.


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  1. Lucy

    I think you’re very hard on celery

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