Lunch in Chez Prune.

If you imagine going to Paris for a few hours for lunch and a spot of shopping may be a little mad, rash and impetuous, you would probably be right…. We did it anyhow.

We arrived on the Eurostar to be met by Becky at the Gard du Nord. A whirlwind trail through the Marais ensued, taking all our favorite places on route….. Shops full of nice things of course. Becky took us to an amazing little shop just dedicated to tea. A mouth-watering patisserie near to where she and Jon had a flat, with cakes and pastries looking like glazed jewels. We stopped into Merci the popular “home and lifestyle” store, beautiful building and open space, not unlike the Bluebird in the Kings Road, AND I managed to pop my head into my favorite shoe shop in Paris.

“Time for lunch” said Becky.

We ended up at Chez Prune, just by the St Martain canal. We didn’t move for the next few hours, aside from lifting fork and spoon to gutsy mouth. Very delicious it was too. Bec and I had a platter of salmon served in many different ways, the salmon tartare was really good. Jamie had a onglet steak with tarragon mash which just seemed to evaporate. We finished the lunch with ordering more dessert than we knew what to do with (how we suffered). ‘La Neige’ was the name given to the incredible plate of red and white cream and sauce. Apparently, a ‘fromage blanc’ that had been whipped to within an inch of its life to resemble snow. However, looking more like a plate of fake blood I would imagine Chez Prune could serve it for Halloween and rename it ‘gun shot wound’. Delicious again, Becky detected a hint of lime in the ‘snow’ what keen taste buds she has. Oh yes and a slab of the darkest chocolate torte, just incase we could squeeze a bit more in.


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