A north London boy and two French bulldogs.

My Jamie (Bobsey) and our girls. Our French bulldogs.

Chica our adorable black and white Frenchie we rescued from Barcelona. Unsurprisingly she does love tapas (chorizo in particular), football and Picasso’s “Perro con hueso”. She also understands the spanish word ‘vamos’ among others. Pushka, our little soviet baby is from Moscow. She loves anything red. The snow. Riding in troikas and Stolichnaya sausages, she eats almost anything.

Today our little red fawn baby girl, Pushka aka “Sweetie Sweet” is at the zenith of her season. Being on heat and as randy as buggery, she and her big sister Chica aka “Kitty puss” have been discovering the world of sapphic love. Their full on lesbian doggy display was being observed and enjoyed vicariously at a distance by HANK, Lucy’s one year old male puppy dog. Hmmmm, so the world of teenage boys and ‘girl on girl’ action is also as fascinating in the dog world. Hank has been staying with us while Lucy is away in Sicily. He couldn’t believe his luck, being placed with two such hot bitches!


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